Our Mission

The mission of the Student COVID Coalition is “to volunteer our combined time if and when needed, for the sole purpose of controlling the current COVID-19 pandemic at the University of Virginia.”

We formed the Student COVID Coalition to provide and centrally coordinate the increased labor needed to operate University of Virginia in the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating large institutions in the midst of a pandemic will require additional labor, potentially including increased cleaning shifts, regular temperature checks, interior remodeling, the construction of temporary buildings, contact tracing, logistics, and other tasks.

The SCC seeks to form a volunteer labor force composed of students in order to provide the University of Virginia with the additional labor necessary to operate in a safe manner on Grounds in the upcoming year. At this time, the SCC is soliciting formal commitments from students to provide a designated number of weekly volunteer hours specifically for pandemic-related tasks, if and when we return to Grounds. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided. We will continue to be in contact with University stakeholders through the University opening plans committee, and we plan to eventually coordinate our efforts with the University administration as a whole.